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  1. Elopement photographer
    March 30, 2019, 7:03 am

    Here and there a couple contacts us that is so madly in love with each other, there is really hard to find words to describe it. This two were like that for sure. All that feelings and gentle touches between them were so full of emotions and we really enjoyed taking photos of them.

    Since we were talking and when we found out what they have in mind, we knew instantly that we’ll have to do a two day session. First we went to a lovely waterfall located in West Slovenia, which is surrounded by mountains and we had to take a hike to finally get there. Of course due to our great orientation we got lost a few times, but it was all worth it when we got there. After that we drove to Mangart which we absolutely love. Of course it was a little cold, but totally worth every second of our time spent together.

    Next day we went for a little more water fun at lake Bohinj, where we filled the floating swan (still not sure if it is swan though), most of the filling was done by Simon who was looking more red than a lobster after finished blowing it. 🙂 The session was so awesome, we had a little rain a perfect sunset and we even managed to find a place just for ourselves. How better to finish the session than a little campfire session. After almost getting stuck with the car we finished and we had to say goodbye. That is always such a hard thing for us, since after spending a day or two, we get so emotionally attached and become friends and this is what makes our job so rewarding.

    Take a look at all the photos and of course if you’d like to spend a little time with us just let us know